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"Discover the art of blending musical innovation with brand collaboration, where every partnership composes a unique marketing melody."

Welcome to 'Brand Harmonies,' a unique space where artistry meets commerce in perfect symphony. Here, I dive into the intricate dance of collaboration between my musical universe and esteemed brands, showcasing a partnership that transcends traditional marketing.

This section of my site is dedicated to exploring the innovative campaigns, collaborative projects, and creative endorsements that mark my journey not just as an artist but as a visionary in bridging music with the commercial sphere. From exclusive content featuring cutting-edge musical equipment to behind-the-scenes insights into how music can elevate a brand's message, 'Brand Harmonies' is where sound and strategy come together.

"Imagine this: holding an unfamiliar machine, sitting down, powering it on, and hitting that first note. Suddenly, you're transported to another dimension, all without ever glancing at the manual."

Discover how I leverage my distinctive style and musical expertise to craft campaigns that resonate on a deeper level with audiences, turning each collaboration into an inspired composition of sight and sound. 'Brand Harmonies' is more than a showcase; it's a testament to the power of creative fusion between artist and industry.

Join me in this exploration of marketing melody, where each partnership hits the perfect note, creating unforgettable brand experiences anchored in innovation and artistry.

Captured in action during a masterclass, this photo showcases my innovative use of the new Traktor S4 by Native Instruments. Unveiling its untapped potential, I blend DJing with pure live performance—a technique not highlighted by the brand but explored and expanded upon by me. My unique approach led me to the Trax Convention, working directly with Native Instruments to push the boundaries of what's possible with their technology."

Native Instruments

This video presents an immersive live performance, born from my partnership with Roland and Des Sons Animés. It's a showcase of how we merge cutting-edge Roland technology with the innovative spatial audio expertise of Des Sons Animés to create a truly enveloping sound experience. Witness the fusion of electronic music and 3D audio landscapes, demonstrating my continual pursuit to explore and redefine the boundaries of live performance.

Dive into the raw essence of electronic music with this video, where I craft an entire track using only the Elektron Octatrack MK2. This track not only demonstrates the gritty, unpolished power of the machine but also previews the innovative spirit of my album 'LIMITED RESOURCE.' Experience the music that grabs you by the guts and twists your perception, all achieved through 100% machine-based, laptop-free improvisation. Join me on this journey of pure sonic exploration.

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