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Christopher Kah - Paternity - LES FREQUENCES INTERDITES
Christopher Kah (Christophe Picou)

Christopher Kah - Paternity - LES FREQUENCES INTERDITES

*** My album is now available everywhere ! : *** ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ After ten years of silent maturation, now is the time of awakening. ‘Les Frequences Interdites’ is the latest studio album from acclaimed French artist, Christopher Kah, a cinematic experience via the form of sound, providing an all round stimulation of your senses. His unconventional approach to music has led him on an illusive career thus far, traversing through multiple shades of techno, from discerning to industrial. Unintentionally collecting these tracks for the last ten years this project sees the sheer passion leak into unmarked territory, there were never any boundaries with time, or limits to sound, leaving an incessant freedom for the Roland affiliate to delve deeper with experimental explorations, and approach numerous styles. It is to no surprise that the nine track album has already received enormous support from fellow French pioneer, Laurent Garnier on his ‘It is What It Is’ radio show, an immediate stamp of approval from a highly respected peer, only expected to increase over the coming period as the world receives Kah’s latest statement. Each of the outings on the album attract you in with a soft whispering female voice, setting the tone for the next chapter, with opening track ‘Enlightenment’ igniting with the words “The Beginning”, and so it begins. Steering clear of the generic four to the floor, the thudding broken drums, flashing vocal, and pensive synth work make this an eclectic inception to the body of work and Christopher Kah’s universe. ‘History’ follows up with a gradual and steady lift through organic drumwork, a somewhat eerie and dark mood that grips you. Shuffling movements in ‘Paternity’ lean this toward a trip hop entity, conjoined with melodic synths which bring an engrossing angle. ‘Glorious Sun’ is 3 minutes of distinctive ambience, as the female chants drag you out of the rain, transcending you in the next soundscape. A sense of panic in urgency in ‘Run Run After’ creating imagery of an intense chase, a nod towards the hay days of Drum & Bass, an expected, thrashing number adding to the bizarre curation. Another discerning journey lowering the heart rate in ‘Disturbancy - Initiate’ a chugging sci-fi trip leading you into murky waters or mystery. Psychedelic and peculiar spoken words work their way around the body of the track in ‘Damaged’, the voices embedding firmly in your mind enforcing a loss of your surroundings. The aptly named ‘Mirage’ tantalises your thought process, launching you deeper into this out earth excursion to the point of no return. Encapsulating the rollercoaster of emotion your body has encountered in one track, allowing the escapism to intensify, painting the last strokes on the canvas, building mellowly to a graceful ending of the visual experience. An unimaginable force that has cut deeper than the skin. Bonus track ‘14 Ans’ lifts spirits with probably the most funk orientated arrangement out of the nine, a pleasant experience allowing time to stop and reflect on the experience that laid before you. Kah’s recent endeavours do not halt here, as he recently propelled his ECHO LIVE project into the music cosmos, a collaboration with veterans of the game, Roland. The live moniker sees Christopher utilising the bare amount of two machines, a Roland MC-707 and Roland TR-8S, proving once again it is more than possible to create intelligent music with minimum resources. There was never a doubt in anyone's mind that Kah could take us to this visually outer universe location, but now there is evidence for all to absorb and endure. A fantastic display of sound variation, bridging across contrasting moods and atmospheres, with pure emotion seeping through the gaps. Thanks to PEXELS website.
Christopher Kah - PARTY (RE/SET EP)
Christopher Kah (Christophe Picou)

Christopher Kah - PARTY (RE/SET EP)

Christopher Kah Releases Short Film Soundtracked By Title Track From “Party” EP BUY : ➤ This Winter Christopher Kah embarks on his next adventure Re/Set, a wholesome project embracing visual concepts alongside the aural, creating an immersive experience combining two of his deepest passions, film and music. It is not an easy feat to create cinematic sounds, something that breathes life into what you can see, elevating its possibilities, but with his “Party” EP Kah sets the bar extremely high for the future of his initiative. Timeless music in its purest form. Accompanying the EP is a short film curated by the Frenchman soundtracked by the title track “Party”, an atmospheric and dramatic encounter with both sound and visuals complimenting the other. Opening track “Night Colors” sets the mood, oozing with various textures that meld together, like liquid. The track itself creeps gently in the night, when everything begins to turn into a blur, pensive keys twinkle amongst the background of the recording. Taking you for a walk with its subtle acid line is the aptly named “Acid Mistakes”, intelligently created by the French mastermind, there is a soft sense of urgency, but it never spirals out of control, steadily bringing back your focus from the misty first track. “HeartBlood” has raw emotion at the heart of its foundations, illuminating and dramatic as they come. Although the soft beat strings along slowly similar to that of a heartbeat, the emphatic sounds that accompany draw you into a journey of utter depth, allowing your thoughts to run wild. Title track “Party” brings this EP to an obscure end, leaving you with the feeling there is more to follow, crashing synths conversate with the mechanical whirrs, innovative sounds and frequencies all working in harmony to create a unique listening experience. An incredible organ disturbs the flow of the track towards the latter part, bringing things to a thunderous finish. All of this creating a suitably intense soundtrack to the “Party” film, carefully considered and created. High quality productions from Christopher Kah once again as he continues to strain the boundaries of genres, and the never ending possibilities with sound. Pouring his heart and soul into everything he does.
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Auteur/Compositeur/interpret/Multi Instrumentalist

A native of Elsass in France, Christopher Kah is a self-taught, multi-talented multi-instrumentalist. A truly unique talent, he is also a man for whom the approach is every bit as fundamental as the result.

As notable for his dedication to techno as he is his penchant for classical music, Kah first began composing music in his early teens and possesses over a decade of classical and jazz music experience as an organ player. An obsessive student of sound, Kah’s roots in electronic music can be traced back to an early appreciation of industrial techno — a strand of music that still greatly influences his productions to this very day.

Enamored by the never-ending complexities of electronic music, he began producing his own techno tracks in 2001 and has barely paused for breath since. “ With electronic music you have unlimited banks of sounds; the firstthing I do when I create music, I search for one sound, capture it, and build a track around its very heart”, says Kah. It’s a way of working that’s proved especially fruitful. Aside from releases on his own imprint, Highwav, Kah has also represented some of the techno scene’s most credible and renowned outlets, from Dave Clarke’s White Noise to Terence Fixmer’s Planete Rouge and DJ Hell’s scene-defining Gigolo Records.

In 2018, Kah released his third full-length, Limited Resource. A suitably eclectic listen that epitomised just why he’s such a treasured talent, the album is one that’s based around live performances and maximalist sonic impact, all derived from a minimal set of tools. Earning glowing praise from compatriot Laurent Garnier and media such as DJ Mag in the UK and Groove in Germany, Limited Resource plays out like an electronic note pad, a pad where Kah expressed his deepest, darkest and most personal and vivid music ideas.

With further releases planned on Highwav before the end of the year (including the brilliant ‘Ballet’, which has already been picked up by Amelie Lens and Garnier), he will also be returning to remix duty, with electronic music pioneer Shazz getting the full Christopher Kah treatment.

From a performance perspective, Kah’s shows evolve the concept of traditional “DJing”, as he pairs synths, samplers and drum computers alongside his turntables. ‘’The gear I use is very minimum but elicits a maximum result. Instead of mixing only two tracks simultaneously, I customize the tracks to the way that feels right at that moment. I want to push the mix into another dimension, Closer to the public, and see how they react’’.
A musician in the truest sense of the word, Christopher Kah is someone who brilliantly encapsulates all that’s great about electronic music. His might be an unconventional way of working, but it’s also one that yields results at an impressively consistent rate.

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